Saturday, 8 October 2011

Silly Bass Player Tricks, or... why I'm not lead singer material

I have a sneaking suspicion this could become a series...

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the joke-stereotypes of 'dumb' people.  Basically blonde, Newfie/Irish and drummer jokes are all interchangeable. So in order to vindicate all of the above, including my own dear drummers of present and past, I present the following tale...

So the other night I was practicing with the girls-and-1-guy and working on Rod Stewart's "Rhythm of My Heart".  On the bridge The Lead Singer has a part that requires, as we say in musical terms, a bit of chutzpah.  On one particular run through, that didn't quite happen, so in my moment of directorial brilliance I, The Bass Player, said to The Lead Singer (and  I paraphrase at best because what follows was so bad I forgot how the first part actually went) "For the love of God woman!!!! The line is "I've got lightenin' in my brains" give it some chutzpah will ya!!!"

And I stood there quite completely stunned not having an honest clue what was so funny until The Guitarist explained to me that the line was "I've got lightenin' in my veins"... not "brains".

Whoops.  My bad.

All of this made only funnier because a week before, whilst playing the same song I loudly declared "ohhhhh, there's a D in that measure on the 4th chorus!!"... apparently said D had eluded yours truly up until that point.

In my own defense, I point out that this song has some of THE oddest lyrics ever!  Honestly, if the writers of the Muppet show had tried to come up with this as a sketch, they'd have not thought of it.  Only in real life, folks!

Where's Weird Al? Maybe he'll buy this off of me.

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