Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Belly dance & Bellyfit - which one is which??

So there seems to still be a LOT of confusion out there about the Belly Dance and Bellyfit classes I offer. So here's the list:

Belly Dance:
- a dance class, not a fitness class
- focus is on learning dance moves and choreography
- students are expected to practice memorizing choreography
- moves are broken down piece-by-piece and practiced over and over again
- there is a lot of discussing the minutia of how moves are done, lots of stopping and starting as we learn
- classes are done in bare feet or soft dance slippers.  Coin belts with lots of beads and jingly coins are welcome in class
- classes are arranged according to the experience level of the students, i.e. beginner, intermediate & advanced.

- this is a standardized workout program created and licensed by Bellyfit International
- this is a workout class, not a dance class
- this is a follow-the-leader format; we don't break down the moves piece-by-piece
- there is no choreography to memorize
- we wear workout clothes and sneakers for this class; no bare feet until we get down on the floor, no jingles because a coin or bead flying off could be dangerous under foot; also, you will need a yoga mat for this class because we do a Pilates-based core routine and a yoga-based stretch at the end
- there are no beginner, intermediate or advanced levels - everyone works out together!!  Bellyfit instructors as specially trained to offer various levels of intensity and impact during the workout so everyone's abilities and tastes can be suited.

So you can see it, here's a clip of a Bellyfit class.

I hope this clears up the difference!


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