Thursday, 9 February 2012

Class choreo mention - Alex Skolnick Trio's "Bollywood Jam"

I'm using this song in my "returning students" dance class :) When I first heard just the song I planned to only use it for zill drills but it's become the choreo piece.  Once I saw the video, I had to have at it and do some more serious zillin'. Can ya blame me?    To be clear and fair, these ladies did a great job with the short amount of face time they had - this is after all a video to promote the music, not a showcase for the dancers.  Totally appropriate that they didn't take over the whole show in this case.  That's what good music video dancing is all about!

And speaking of the music...  I'd love to say I've paid close attention to the nothing but the dancing in this but... erm...  oh heck, with a cutie guitarist like this, I'm not watching too much of the dancing 100%, lol!!  :)

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