Sunday, 4 March 2012

Please watch Drake Jensen's music video!!

Please take a moment to click on this You Tube video!  Drake is an old friend of mine from the town we grew up in.  His music career has recently really taken off, but he still needs some support.  CMT (Country Music Television) is willing to consider playing his video on TV, but only if they get a sense that it will be popular.  They're looking at the number of You Tube hits this video receives as part of their decision.  It's just over 19,000 so far, but the more the better!!

It's really important to get his video played on CMT as it is the first Canadian country music video to feature a gay couple!!  Country is genre of music that's not particularly known for being QLGBT allies.  If CMT were to play this on the air it would be a groundbreaking change!

And, if you're a country music fan and would like to follow Drake on facebook...

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