Saturday, 26 May 2012

Kim's Socks

In recent years I have taken to making a Knitting New Year's resolution.  Its been a way for me to push myself to add to my skills and ensure I don't get stuck in a rut with project choices.  This year I decided my resolution would be to start designing my own patterns.  By the end of March I still hadn't gotten any original projects started let alone completed, photographed, written-up and posted anywhere!  I decided at that point I needed a framework.
Around the same time, I passed the 1-year anniversary of playing with my band-mates.  We've had a whole year of playing to the point where things had really clicked, of celebrating birthdays and holidays together, and in the process of all of that, forming a really great group friendship.   Kim is our piano player, and her birthday last year was the first social event I went to with these gals, having played with them for the first time only a few weeks earlier.  Being invited to her party felt like the official moment of no longer just "playing a few times to see how it goes" and actually being part of the band. 
So it dawned on me, as Kim's birthday approached again this year, that this was a great opportunity to tackle my Knitting New Year's resolution, and make birthday gifts for my band mates that show how much they mean to me.  Plus this takes advantage of my love of sock knitting AND the rather ample stash of sock yarn I got from friends and family as holiday gifts... my addiction for sock knitting has become legendary, and you are all enablers!!!  ;)
So what you see in pictures here is the final result - "Kim's Socks".  There's a double cable up each side and the pattern between the cables is actually a lattice pattern formed by alternating purls and knits.  The lattice and a 1x1 cable on each side continues down the length of the foot as well.  I always prefer a plain toe - it fits better when wearing them in shoes.   I have the pattern more or less written, but I have to tidy it up quite a bit before posting it.  It still has things like "use my standard heel pattern" which of course makes sense to no one but me.  I'm going to have to polish up my Ravelry account too, so I can post it there.
These pics show them from various angles.  The last pic is of Kim (in blue) with our lead singer Katherine, snapped just before the little performance we played on Victoria Day Monday. 

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