Thursday, 19 March 2015

Knit Year's Resolution: Project 1

Project 1 = Done!  

As promised, here's the pics of my first project for my 2015 Knit Year's Rsolution.  Please see my previous post on the details of the resolution.

The project is "Nordic" from Bags that Rock: Knitting on the Road with Kelley Deal of The Breeders (2008). I used Cascade 220 for the knitted work.
Here's the piece fully felted, dried and assembled:

And here's a peak inside, lining, magnetic snap and all.  I threw my wallet in there to give a sense of the size.

I really enjoyed doing this project.  I'm not great at multi-strand knitting so I only do it with projects that will be felted and therefore hide my gaps and lumps.  It's funny, I have never struggled with any other knitting skills, but multi-strand continues to elude me regardless of how much I practice.  I also don't love sewing in linings, but it's a good excuse to marathon watch a TV series.  This was such a nice project I couldn't leave it un-lined, and now that I've done it I can see me getting faster and smoother with the process.  The lining fabric is just a quilter's fat-quarter that I picked up for a few bucks, so there was very little cutting involved.

There's lots of great projects in Kelley Deal's book, plus it's a pleasure to read her stories of how she came up with her designs.  I can see me making a few more for sure, and using some of her ideas as a starting point for some designs of my own.  Gonna start keeping my old bass strings in my knitting gear!!

Project 2 is already underway.  It is a lace sock pattern from Lace One-Skein Wonders, edited by Judith Durant (2013). 

And now for a little of Kelley Deal's band, The Breeders:

PS:  My dad built the table that this project is stitting on, btw.

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